We are pleased to announce that RAFT has sponsored 5 families locally and one more family arriving soon (Feb. 2017 update).
For those of you who have offered financial support, thank you!  For those of you who have volunteered, thank you and we look forward to working with you.

Please consider a donation to RAFT to create more opportunities for other families to be sponsored.

​Click here to read the summary of the RAFT Refugee Sponsorship Training Session for new volunteers on November 21, 2015.  More than 100 people attended!

Photo of RAFT Committee (2016):

Front Row: Lynda Fisher, Verna Albright, Heather Wisla, Kenna Sim and Martha Asbaugh
Back Row: Jane Gringich, Heidi Coleman, Gordon Stamp-Vincent, Felicity Klassen, Dave Klassen, Bruce Comrie, Sepkje Lind, Tacey Ruffner and Yael La Rose
Missing: Robert Wisla and Patricia McColl​

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